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Welcome to openadaptor.org

openadaptor™ is a Java based toolkit to allow rapid business system integration with little or no custom programming.

openadaptor™ is EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software. It provides many ready-built connectors that include JMS, JDBC, IBM MQ Series, TIBCO Rendezvous, TCP/IP Sockets, SOAP, HTTP and Files. It provides exception management and scriptable components for data filtering, transformation and validation.


openadaptor™ has been completely re-written. The fundamental aims remain the same, but the execution is significantly simpler. The new version adopts current programming paradigms and is no longer tied to a specific data representation. It no longer uses proprietary properties files to define the adaptor configuration. All components are now Java beans; users are now free to use any application framework or create adaptors directly in code. We like Spring so our examples illustrate how to use openadaptor™ with the spring framework.

In a nutshell

  • Leverages the latest industry standard technologies
  • New modular architecture
  • Flexible internal data representation
  • Ease of use - Rapid to deploy
  • Proven production quality
  • Lightweight and faster
  • Remains free and open source
  • Highly flexible
  • Easier to maintain

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18th November 2011 openadaptor™ version 3.4.7
This release adds a bug fix, improved examples and tutorial and some miscellaneous changes. Full release notes are available here.

17th February 2011 openadaptor™ version 3.4.6
This release adds some bug fixes, improved examples and miscellaneous changes. Full release notes are available here.

16th June 2010 openadaptor™ version 3.4.5
This release adds incremental support for many features of openadaptor, such as message metadata and message history, improvements to connectors (such as SQL & Tibco), plus many other bugfixes, enhancements and examples. Full release notes are available here.

15th Sep 2009 openadaptor™ version 3.4.4
Focused on bugfixes and minor enhancements the release also adds support for message metadata. Full release notes are available here.

21st Aug 2009 Beta version of openadaptor™ 3.4.4 is available for download here.
A stable package is due late August/early September. Feedback is welcome. 

3rd Aug 2009 The next release of openadaptor™ (3.4.4) is proposed for September 2009. The scope, posted to OA discussion groups, can be viewed here.

7th Jul 2009 openadaptor™ is presented at Commerzbank Java Developer Day in Frankfurt.

18th Feb 2009 CollabNet publishes The CollabNet Connector Framework (CCF).
The CollabNet Connector Framework (CCF) is an open source SDK based on openadaptor™. It allows migration of artifact data and the rapid integration of different tools in the Application Lifecycle Management (or ALM) cycle in combination with the collaborative platforms from CollabNet.

28th Nov 2008 openadaptor™ version 3.4.3 is now available
The release adds a new metrics mechanism, CXF based web service connectors, support for SWIFT message format, Ruby and Groovy scripting examples and several other improvements (particularly in file and JMS connectors) as outlined in the full release notes.

8th Apr 2008 Systems Integration With Openadaptor is the cover story of the April issue of Java Developer's Journal magazine. To register and download PDF (free while the issue remains current) visit: http://www2.sys-con.com/subscription/digitalsubs.cfm

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Our licence is a permissive non-copyleft free software variant of the MIT licence.

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